Benefits of White Egg Mask For Face and how to make it. Also, know the side effects of using egg white mask every day. Maybe we all already know if eggs are very useful for the body because it has a high enough protein content, but not only that. eggs are also very beneficial for the skin, especially for the skin.

However, the egg part used for skin care uses only egg whites only. This method has been widely used by previous people. So no wonder if this method is still often used because the benefits are very good to make our skin healthy.

Curious what are the benefits and how to make the egg white mask? Check out the following information!

there are several benefits of egg white mask for the face, including:

    Can make skin smooth and soft

Protein content stored in the eggs can make our skin becomes more smooth and soft, The trick is to make it:

First, prepare 1 chicken egg and 1 lemon, then take the egg whites only and mix with lime juice on the container. After that, clean your facial skin first, then dry with a soft towel. Then mask evenly throughout your facial skin, then let stand for 10 minutes and clean it using warm water. This treatment can be done at night before bedtime and do regularly do not every day enough 2-3 times a week and regularly to get optimal results.

    Can reduce excess oil production

For those of you who have oily skin problems, you can also do the way as above, but it would be better if added 1 teaspoon lemon juice. This is because by adding lemon juice can help remove dead skin cells that can cause excess oil production. Do it regularly and regularly every night before bed.

    Can eliminate acne/acne stone

How to make it:

First prepare some ingredients such as 1 egg white egg, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and stir until mixed evenly. Then wash your face before using it with warm water, then apply or mask the ingredients that have been prepared evenly for your facial skin acne. Let stand for 20-30 minutes, then wash with the use of facial cleanser recommended for facial skin acne. Perform this treatment regularly and regularly not every night, just 2-3 times a week before bedtime, the results will be seen after several times of use. (Read also how to get rid of acne naturally and used)

    Can remove blackheads

Blackheads and acne skin problems are very annoying, but can interfere with the appearance can also cause itching on the skin. To fix this you can use a mask like how to cope with acne, but clean it by using ice water. Do it regularly do not every night enough 2-3 times a week before bed.

    Can tighten skin

Eggs also contain vitamin E is very good to tighten the skin, so you will look younger than the actual age. The trick is almost the same with other ways above, but only enough to do 2-3 times a week.

    Can disguise dark circles around the eyes (panda eyes)

How to make it:

Apply evenly and thinly on the dark circle area of ​​your eye area, set aside a night and clean the next day by compressing it with warm water. Do it routinely do not every day, just 3 times a week until dark circles disappear.

    Can disguise scar stains

Way, just apply the egg whites mixed with lime juice evenly on the stain scar, and let sit overnight.

Side Effects of Egg White Mask Every Day

but the egg white mask has side effects if used every day and if your skin does not match this mask, Here are the side effects:

    Clogging Face Pores and Applying Pimples

Besides can lift blackheads mask egg whites can also clog pores and acne easily appear because of the content of vitamin A in egg white.

    Cause Infection

In raw white eggs, there are bacteria salmonella, so the skin is prone to injury.

    Causes Skin Irritation and Dry

The use of an egg white mask mixed with lemon juice can cause irritation and dry skin

    Therefore. Previously wear an egg white mask, it helps you consult with your doctor first. This is to find out if your skin matches the egg white mask.

Thus information about the benefits of egg white mask for the face is complemented by how to make the egg white mask, hopefully, this article provides benefits and can help your problem. Thank you for your time and visit, good luck and see you.

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